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ZeroVise® P100 IoT + Aircell with Universal Base Plate

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Version with Universal base plate for direct fixing on machine tables with clamping claws.

ZeroVise® P100 IoT 5-Axis Self Centering Vise pneumatically actuated by 2 side ports for open and close.
With 2 quick change jaw positions, total jaw stroke 6,0 mm/ 0.236″.
Centering accuracy ±0.01 mm/ 0.0004″ adjustable, clamping force 12 kN/ 2,700 lbs. @ 3-9 bar/ 33-130 psi.
Range 10-90 mm /0.394-3.54″.
Dimensions 160x160x191mm/6.3×6.3×7.52″. Wt. 34.4 lbs.

Inclusive AirCell P100 IoT and universal base plate, prepared for mounting on machine tables with T-slots.
Supplied without top jaws, without clamping claws. Jaws, clamping claws and connection block for air transfer (P/N 36312 and P/N 36311) available separately.


ZeroVise® P100 IoT + Aircell with Universal Base Plate

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