Entry-Level Automation

The Zerobot system can be connected to almost all machine tools and can also be retrofitted to existing machines.

Automation level 1

Loading and unloading one workpiece type. Programs must be loaded manually.

Automation level 2

Loading and unloading different workpiece types incl. NC program transfer.

Automation level 3

Loading and unloading different workpiece types, including setting up and disassembling the tools.

Creating orders has never been so easy:


Set up the machine and rack

Set up the rack freely according to your requirements.


Create a job

Select the required grippers and clamping devices (standard programs) as well as the number of parts to be machined.


Simply teach the robot by guiding it manually

When teaching the first part, the loading robot calculates the remaining positions automatically.



The production order can be started as soon as the job has been saved and transferred.

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