One idea – two automation systems

The ZeroClamp loading robots Zerobot® 100 P
and Zerobot® 100 V

Zerobot® 100 P

Maximum design flexibility thanks to mobile racks. PREMIUM storage space in automated operation with up to three racks.



Flexible storage space

The racks can be used throughout the entire process chain. For example, racks can be moved from storage and production, right up to mounting.

Free design

Robots and racks can be positioned freely depending on the type of machine. The space requirement is less than 5 m².

Ample workpiece storage space

You can use up to three racks (max. 1,200 workpieces). Further racks can be prepared during primary processing time.

Individual protective housing

The automation system can be equipped with a revolving door or a fence.

Zerobot® 100 V

VARIABLE automation system for several machine tools in a small space.



Mobile automation

The machine can be transported in one piece by lift truck and is commissioned quickly. It can therefore be used between several machines.

Low space requirements

Rotating double rack, robot, and protective housing are built on an area smaller than 3 m².

Compact double rack

Rotating rack, which can accommodate workpieces on both sides and can therefore be loaded during primary processing time.

Defined protective housing

Integrated protective housing with status indication, either with laser monitoring or protective fence.

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