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General matters

ZeroClamp is a company that develops and manufactures clamping devices and loading robots for the machining industry.

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Zero point clamping system

The ZeroClamp zero point clamping system is the ideal base for your machine tool. This zero point clamping system is characterized by its simplicity and robustness. Thermal symmetry and the use of only one clamping stud are just two of its impressive benefits, which reduce setup times to a minimum. For further information, please keep reading or contact one of our sales partners.

The zero point clamping system can be used on milling, turning, measuring, and erosion machines. However, in addition to these applications, the ZeroClamp zero point clamping system can also be used for mounting, for example.

Yes, the 120 and 138 systems are optionally available with sensor technology for monitoring.

The ZeroClamp zero point clamping system has the following four size options and clamping forces:

Ø 90 mm

Ø 120 mm

Ø 138 mm

Ø 190 mm

12,5 kN

25 kN

40 kN

60 kN

Signs of wear can be detected at an early stage by regularly checking these pull-out force values. Please refer to the respective operating instructions for more information.

Yes, for the most part, ZeroClamp manufactures adapted base units for corresponding machine tables.

The ZeroClamp zero point clamping system has a repeat accuracy of < 2.5 µm.

You do not have to limit yourself to a certain pitch. The zero point clamping system can be adapted to your requirements. We use 200 mm as standard.

The ZeroClamp zero point clamping system is very easy to maintain. Remove fluids from time to time and regularly spray the clamping system with fine oil to keep it working properly at all times. Protect the 4-channel clamping pots from contamination. Always observe the current operating instructions.

ZeroClamp always compensates for thermal expansion symmetrically in relation to the center of the zero point clamping system thanks to the use of only one clamping stud type.
Pitch errors can be compensated by up to ±0.05 mm per pot (maximum ±0.1 mm over two pots).

Air pressure of min. 5.5 bar and max. 8 bar must be applied to the clamping pots to open them. The compressed air must be filtered and dry. Please refer to the respective operating instructions for more information.

Yes, the 4-channel clamping pots are particularly suitable for automation, as they feature a compressed air interface with the second level. Click here for further information.

Yes, please contact the experts at ZeroClamp for any assistance. The recommended manufacturing instructions can be found under Downloads.

You can always download the latest operating instructions for all ZERO CLAMP products here:
Support Area.

Yes, this is often available from the machine tool manufacturer. Contact the machine manufacturer for an offer.

Generally yes. If you only use one clamping pot, make sure that it features indexing in order to prevent the component from twisting.

Yes, the 120 and 138 systems are optionally available with sensor technology for monitoring.

The ZeroClamp zero point clamping system only requires one clamping stud type with different fit and thread size designs.

Modular clamping rail system

Both multiple clamping systems have different maximum clamping forces.

Clamping force

Torque Pull-down jaws

Torque Parallel clamping jaws

Torque Duo Pull-down jaws (when using both jaws)

SL 080





















SL 120












All multiple clamping rails can be easily and quickly attached to the ZERO CLAMP zero point clamping system. Alternatively, they can also be bolted or fastened to a T-slot machine table with clamping claws.

Via the rotating rail system SL080 – 260 mm, which is fastened via a clamping pot and can therefore adapt to any contour, or via pendulum jaws for the multiple clamping system SL120. More information in the current catalogue.

Yes, each clamping jaw can be used as a fixed jaw on the rear side. This means that several clamping operations can be carried out on one clamping rail.


In general, every machine tool which features an automation interface or where this interface can be retrofitted, and where the middle of the machine table can be reached with our robot. Talk to us or simply send us a DXF file of the machine in case of doubt.

Yes, almost all manufacturers offer interface retrofitting sets. If this is not possible, you can control the communication between the machine and robot with M commands.

  • Sufficiently large tool magazine
  • Measuring device (accuracy probe, break monitoring, and wear control)
  • Tool-life-optimized machining
  • Chip management
  • Cleaning the machine table via the machine
  • Quality of the blank parts

Yes, different orders can be placed and processed within one rack.

Yes, the ZERO CLAMP automation system is placed next to the doorway so that access is available at all times.

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