Automated part production even for small series, thanks to maximum flexibility and a wide range of handling options.

From pallets that can be designed freely to the direct handling of saw cuts.

The Zerobot® is a cost-effective alternative to conventional automation solutions and potentially the most flexible loading robot around.

Your benefits for day-to-day production work

Automation means manufacturing components efficiently, that is to say with the lowest staffing levels possible, and reliably.
At the same time, you can significantly increase your spindle operating times throughout the day, night, and at weekends.
Increasing the machine running time
Utilizing non-productive time as well as breaks, unmanned shifts, or weekends.
Increasing efficiency
Reducing the machine-hour rate while increasing output at the same time.
Enormous cost savings
Reduced unit costs and significantly more efficient use of personnel.

+ 60 %

Significantly higher machine capacity
in automated use

+ 30 %

More time for skilled workers
Enormous time savings for tasks such as programming and CAD/CAM

– 50 %

Reduction of the hourly rate
Low acquisition costs compared to capacity gains

Overall hourly rate, taking into account the savings for a worker and full utilization with increased machine capacity (+60%)

Increasing capacity in production

Conventional options:
ZeroClamp solutions:

Investment in new machines:
⇒  High investment costs

Investment in additional skilled personnel:
⇒  Shortage of skilled personnel
⇒   Training requirements

Tool optimization only profitable in high quantities
⇒  Therefore usually low gain in capacity

Step 1:  Zero point clamping system

Reduce setup times up to 90%

Reduce machine table setup times by  up to 90%.

Outsourcing in same country:
⇒  Transfer of expertise
⇒  Dependency/delivery performance

Oursourcing abroad:
⇒  Possible quality issues
⇒  Long replenishment times
⇒  Medium-term price increase
⇒  Currency fluctuations

Step 2:  Automation

A plus of 60% with Zero Clamp solutions!

Increase spindle operating times  up to 60%
(throughout the day, night, and at weekends).

ZeroClamp automation:

Impressive streamlining of the manufacturing process

  • One automation solution for several machine types
    Can be used for milling and turning machines, among others.
  • Automated part production for small and medium series from approx. 5 units
    Different orders can be processed automatically.
  • Flexible handling system
    For handling anything from plate cuts to saw cuts.
  • High component density
    Ideal utilization thanks to workpiece storage which can be freely designed (rack). The machine tool remains freely accessible during manual operation.
  • High payload
    Workpiece handling of 100 kg.
  • Beginner-friendly
    Easy and intuitive programming.
Existing automation solutions are usually rigid and inflexible:
Portal loading

Purely horizontal workpiece storage, loading from above.

Modified workpiece geometry (length/width) after machining requires adapted gripper jaws for each blank and finished part.

Articulated robot

Gripper specific to the component with gripper jaw adapted for each blank and finished part (modified workpiece geometry).

Relatively complex programming due to six programmable axes.

Pallet loading

A pallet and a special fixture specific to the component is needed for each component.

Each component is manually pre-loaded and removed again.

Loading robots 
Zerobot® 100 P and 100 V

Flexible automation guaranteed:
Racks with a flexible design

Replace large components prepared on pallets
Directly replace components prepared in centering clamping fixtures
Replace saw cuts in only one automatic clamp
Flexibly loading your rack enables maximum packing density.


Different pallet sizes

Maximum component size:
Zerobot 100-P: 640 x 320 mm
Zerobot 100-V: 640 x 245 mm/400 x 320.

Centering clamping fixture

Increased packing density and therefore more cost-effective
Max. component size 200 x 180 mm.

Blank parts

Highest packing density and therefore cost-optimized
Max. component size 150 x 250 x 130 mm.


All variants can be freely combined

Storage of different jobs in one rack.

Entry-level automation

The Zerobot system can be connected to almost all machine tools and can also be retrofitted to existing machines.

Networked and automated manufacturing

With the HEIDENHAIN Partner Automation partner program, HEIDENHAIN and ZeroClamp support their customers in the deeper integration of milling and turning controls into automated production. Customer projects are tailored to individual conditions and implemented with the shortest possible implementation horizon – for higher productivity and process efficiency in the digital production environment.

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The cost-effective alternative to conventional automation solutions.

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