ZeroClamp Visions

Launched in 2006 with a unique, patented zero-point clamping system, manual clamping devices such as clamping rails and vices with high customer benefits were soon developed to match the zero-point clamping systems in response to customer requests.

We quickly realized that the next step after workpiece clamping could only be workpiece handling.

After analyzing the robot solutions available on the market, we began developing our own robot specifically for loading machine tools. This was the starting point for the ZEROBOT®, perhaps the most flexible automation solution for machine tools, with loading weights of up to 250 kg.

The ZEROCOB® modular automation system for standard articulated robots and cobots has also been available since 2023. This is specially designed for integrators and experienced customers.

It enables the simple configuration of an automation solution for lower loading weights. And all this without the risk of searching for, testing and coordinating all the necessary components.

What makes us so unique?

Innovative technology combined with digitalization.
IoT: Automation with communication to clamping devices and sensors.

ZEROCOB®, ZEROBOT® and the ZeroClamp clamping device family stand for standardized, modular high-end automations, components and software solutions.

The complete range of zero-point clamping systems and clamping devices through to automation with user-friendly job management – all from a single source.