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ZeroLoX® M52C

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ZeroLoX® M52C Zero Point Workholding Mechanical Console.

Compatiable with Self Centering vises with 52 mm/ 2.05 ” pull/clamping stud spacing.

Dimensions 198x134x47 mm/ 7.82×5.28×1.85 “.  Wt. 15 lbs., Clamping force 50 kN/ 36.88 ft. lb.
Clamping and unclamping is done mechanically by lever movement manually or by robot.
Mounting with 4 SHCS on the back or side clamps.

Use with P/N’s 39334, 36741, 36748, 5 axis vises with 52 mm stud spacing, mini pallets, direct part clamping, roatry tables, tombstones, trunnions and robot automation systems.


ZeroLoX® M52C

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