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Parallel Clamping Jaw 120

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Parallel clamping jaw 120 for modular rail vise.

Dimensions: 120x110x40 mm/ 4.72×4.33×1.57″.

For clamping workpieces.
Clamping force is linear 40 kN/ 9,000 lbs. @ 40 Nm/ 30 lbf., parallel clamping stroke 6 mm/ 0.24″.
Positioning on the clamping rail with 60 deg. x 2 mm serrations on the bottom.

The jaw’s rear face can be used as a fixed jaw when clamping multiple parts with other parallel clamping jaws.

Use with top jaws, all facing jaws, grip, carbide grit, soft steel, aluminum, pull-down, grip extensions and base jaw fixed.


Parallel Clamping Jaw 120