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Clamping Unit NP090 - Indexed

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Clamping Unit NP090 – Indexed

Ø90×22 mm/ 3.54″ dia. x 0.866″ high, wt. 1.6 lbs.
With 4 indexing holes Ø6 mm/ 0.236″ dia., 4x Ø6H7 (0/0.0012″) 4×90 deg. on 82 mm dia. 7.8mm depth.

Made of hardened stainless steel, sealed design.
Clamping force 12.5 kN/ 2,810 lbs.
Spring loaded clamping, released by compressed air min. air pressure 6 bar/ 87 Psi.
Air Pressure is only required for unclamping. Only 1 type of clamping stud is required.
Available S/S SHCS covers #24172 (50 pcs.)


Clamping Unit NP090 – Indexed

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