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Base Plate & Riser ZeroLoX® P/M 52/96C

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Base plate with riser for ZeroLoX® P/M 52/96C.

Height 85 mm/ 3.35″.
Dimensions 267x267x85 mm/ 10.51×10.51×3.35″.
Wt. 31 lbs.

Made of high-strength aluminum and steel with 4 diagonal bottom M16x200 mm CC holes for ZeroClamp clamping pot size 120 and 138.

18k6-M16 clamping studs or direct mounting using (4) M12 and T-nuts (not included, order separately). With 2 bottom air ports, open and air blast for automation. Use with P/N’s 36657, 36646, 36043 and 35843.

Includes 2 keys, centering pin/boss and SHCS for mounting the ZeroLoX®.


Base Plate & Riser ZeroLoX® P/M 52/96C

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