ZeroClamp - 新产品

CNC Loading Robot

The Price-Performance Champion
AWC automatic work changer for your
5-axis CNC machine. Low space requirement, integrated safety enclosure, low acquisition and maintenance costs.

ZeroVise® P160
Self Centering Vise

Pneumatically Actuated Self Centering Automatic Vise
Powerful flexibility for your 5-axis automation.
5-sided machining in one set-up.

ZeroVise® P160 IoT
5-Axis Self Centering Vise

AirCell P160 with Robot Air Docking Ports and WLAN Pressure Monitoring
Pneumatically actuated 5-axis self centering automatic vise with AirCell air lock reservoir.

Zero Point Clamping Units
C138L & Z138L

Interchangeable with Schunk Vero-S
and Unilock 138
Thermal symmetry for absolute Zero Point is guaranteed with ZeroClamp’s patented center cone technology.

ZeroVise® M80-120A
5-Axis Self Centering Vises

Optimized for Automation
Powerful, compact precision 5-axis self centering vises that perform under the heaviest machining demands.

ZeroClamp P80Z
Workholding Console

Zero Point Technology with the Highest Accuracy
Provides a universal interface that allows quick precision positioning for clamping vises, pallets and workpieces on 3, 4 and 5 axis CNC machines in seconds.