Welcome to ZeroClamp



ZeroClamp GmbH is a young company whose goal is to produce high-quality products for the clamping technology industry. ZeroClamp´s focus is on development and production. ZeroClamp´s sales and distribution in Germany is managed exclusively by the Hoffmann Group. Other distributors can be found here.


It is our aim to develop clamping systems, which fulfill the following criteria:


  •  Highest quality
  •  Highest precision
  •  Highest reliability
  •  Easy handling
  •  Modular construction system with standart components
  •  Universal useable (from the manufacture to quality management)


ZeroClamp´s Product Portfolio


With well-known quality, the clamping systems from ZeroClam reduce set-up, changeover and downtimes and therefore lower production costs while simultaneously increasing process reliability.

In addition, the highly flexible automation solution provides a production around the clock without additional manpower.

Through our modular principle, the combination of the complete ZeroClamp products is possible.




Zero Point Clamping System

Modular Clamping System